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Context & D3 Design and Prototype Cadillac Body Kits

At Context our vision has always been to be a multidisciplinary design group, taking on challenges from different design fields. Over the past couple months we've had the opportunity to work and collaborate with D3 Group, Inc., a high performance automotive  engineering and tuning shop, to design and prototype body kits for the 2014 Cadillac XTS and CTS. The Context team was able to provide D3 with their digital fabrication skills to speed up their prototyping process. This was made possible through the use of digital 3D modeling and CNC milling. The benefit about this process is that D3 already had the tools in place they simply needed to be applied for this process. The vision for the design was directed by D3's president, James Gill, who's years of experience in automotive performance engineering and design are demonstrated in the design of these kits.  We are currently at the prototyping phase of the process but we're excited to share some of the work in progress. We are very pleased with this collaboration with D3 as it has allowed us to apply our industrial design and digital fabrication background into automotive design. We look forward to continue working with D3 to finalize this project and pave the way for future collaborations. Be sure to check back with us for updates on the process and for anything Cadillac related be sure to check out our friends at D3 Group, Inc.

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